There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about nutrition. There always seems to be a new health trend or solution for us to try. So how do we sort facts from fiction?

One of the first steps is considering the source. Does it come from a reputable company or organization? Are there studies to back up their claims?  And here’s one we should all be aware of - are they trying to sell you something. While that does not necessarily mean their information is false, it may be presented in a better light, so just consider it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

When we hear something over and over it is easy to accept it as true, but we'll help you figure it out with the six biggest nutrition myths.

  • 1

    Saturated fats are bad for you

    Turns out, these are critical to our bodies functions! There are actually healthy saturated fats we can put in our diets, like coconut oil. However, be aware of trans fats in processed in fast foods and processed foods, often listed as partially hydrogenated oils.

  • 2

    Going organic isn't worth the money

    Sure, organic groceries may be expensive. But, it will save you a lot in medical bills later!

  • 3

    Cholesterol is not good

    Of course having high cholesterol can be dangerous, but we all need some cholesterol to survive! Make sure to monitor your ratios. 

  • 4

    Sodium is super bad for you

    Some salt is needed in our body not too much though. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend we consume less than 2,300 milligrams of salt each day.

  • 5

    All sugars are naughty

    Sugar is everywhere and it is difficult to avoid completely, however, the best sugars are from natural sources such as fruit.

  • 6

    Counting calories is the best way to control weight

    Different  weight loss methods work for different people. Counting calories is a great way to lose weight, but may not always be the best way to have a healthy diet. Focus on quality of food, not just quantity.

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