This morning, I interviewed Nancy Masino, Director of Catering, and South Jersey award-winning Executive Chef George Fisher.

They are great, service-minded professionals from Spectra Food Services and Hospitality in the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Because of the coronavirus, they have creatively launched The Atlantic City Convention Center Marketplace Curbside.

Every week they offer a variety of wonderful family meals and other food and produce packages, open for the public to purchase.

All options are prepared in their state of the art banquet kitchen by Serv Safe certified food and beverage handlers.

Your meals are then packaged in reheatable aluminum pans with scheduled curbside touch-less pick up.

You can find the weekly specials on the Facebook Pages for the Atlantic City Convention Center and Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall.

There are two convenient methods to place your order. Call Nancy Masino at (609) 449-2058 or email your order to

Your order must be placed each week by Thursday at noon. Nancy will contact you to confirm your curbside pick up details.

These are the four choices for this week:

- Chicken Franchaise
- Wings
- Roast Beef
- Cheese Lasagna (Vegetarian option)

Reminder, there are other food and produce items that you can purchase beyond the family meal program.

Your family style meal will feed 4 people, but, Chef George proudly let it “slip” on-air this morning, that it will really feed 6 people.

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