If you have a collection of stuff that you want to get rid of but you can't put it in the regular trash, Saturday is your day.

The ACUA will be holding a household hazardous waste collection event this Saturday, March 7th, from 8AM to 1PM at the Environmental Park located at 6700 Delilah Road in EHT.

The event is open to Atlantic County residents only and you will need to show proof of residency.

At the event, you can drop-off things like 12-volt batteries, cleaning products, fertilizer/weed killer, motor oil, insecticides, pool chemicals, rechargeable batteries, and more (view a full list here).

As for things the ACUA will not accept, that would be things like ammunition, asbestos, cooking oil, electronics, lead paint, anything that's radioactive, and what they call "unidentifiable materials" -- in other words, if you don't know what it is, they don't want it.

If you can't make it out to this event, the next one is scheduled for May 2nd.

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