The story of "Glenny," the wild turkey who became a celebrity bird-on-the-run in Haddon Heights and then was relocated to Funny farm Animal Rescue in Mays Landing, took another turn Wednesday.

Citing multiple complaints from Haddon Heights residents, officials from the USDA Wildlife and the Dept of Environmental Protection Fish and Wildlife came and removed Glenny from Funny Farm on Wednesday.

Funny Farm is an animal sanctuary dedicated to giving a home to unwanted farm animals, domesticated animals, and animals with special needs to live out their natural lives.

On their Facebook page, Funny Farm tells the story of a wild turkey running around Haddon Heights, Camden County, and how many in the community fell in love with the turkey with a lot of personality they named, “Glenny”.

"He was amusing and made people smile. People looked for him on their way to work each day and from school buses. Some even formed a Facebook group where people could share pictures and stories. He became quite the celebrity!


Glenny would amuse most but annoyed others as he sometimes pecked cars and blocked traffic. Police and animal control would divert traffic and people feared that Glenny would get hit by a car or worse, cause an accident. No one wanted either. Some would feed him and he became more and more friendly."

After calls for help from Haddon Heights, Funny Farm 's owner Laurie Zaleski, who is is licensed in wildlife rescue, went to rescue Glenny. He was taken to the Funny Farm where 30 other turkeys like him live free.

Funny Farm even planned a "Glenny Day" this Sunday, when everyone, including Glenny's fans from Haddon Heights, was invited to see Glenny in his new home.

Now, Glenny Day has been cancelled and Glenny has been removed, but the staff at Funny Farm doesn't know where he was taken.

Here are two Facebook posts from Funny Farm Animal Rescue which give more detail about Glenny's story and contact information you may use to find out more from the government agencies involved.

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