It’s time for a little good ole fashioned common sense and straight talk to carry the day.

I can’t believe that this is even required to say, but, incredulously it is.

Discontinue all of your twisted and sick plans that you are presently concocting to raise fees, tolls or taxes until the Coronavirus is defeated.

This means you, The South Jersey Transportation Authority and your absurd scheme to raise tolls by nearly 40 percent on the Atlantic City Expressway Authority.

Are you insane to even be considering this during the time of a global health pandemic?

Cancel your fast-approaching April 1 & 2, 2020 public hearings. If you don’t, you’re tone deaf at a level that is beyond comprehension.

Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of time for you to raise taxes, fees and tolls when people stop dying.

Rather then looking to raise tolls, you actually should be of the mindset to suspend the tolls until further notice.

It’s mind-blowing that you’re considering the exact opposite approach.

We really are living in a Bizarro World.

Our region is presently experiencing a Depression. During The Great Depression, it was a gradual decline.

Here, we have have been dealt a severe economic shutdown all at one time.

Current data is forecasting that the Atlantic City job market declines are the third worst in the nation at more than 34 percent.

Please take a page from United States President Donald Trump’s playbook. The federal response is all about helping people. Not adding to their woes.

The compassionate approach has been to suspend federal student loan payments, sending stimulus checks, forgivable loans for businesses and more.

Stop thinking about inflicting even more pain to already suffering people at this time.

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