Following calls for the State to take over the World's Play Ground, an Atlantic City Councilman is calling for a community mobilization meeting.
According to a press release, Atlantic City 3rd Ward Councilman Kaleem Shabazz is calling for a community mobilization meeting on Monday, January 18th, at 2PM to respond to Senate President Steve Sweeney’s proposed takeover of Atlantic City’s government. Shabazz remarked, "This bill would essentially overturn an election held by the people of Atlantic City to select their representatives. This proposal does not satisfy our American Democracy."

Shabazz's meeting comes on the heels of a press conference where city leaders sounded-off against Sweeney's proposal. Atlantic County Freeholder Ernest Coursey told the Associated Press the city should not adopt “a plantation mentality, and “it will be a cold day in hell before we stand idly by” for a hostile takeover. Meanwhile, Atlantic City Council President Marty Small told the Associated Press, "We’re not going to be bullied and we’re not going to be intimidated." In an interview with WPG's Harry Hurley earlier this week, Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, speaking of the plan and how he wasn't told about it in advance, said, “there’s a lot of disrespect here.”

The meeting is scheduled to be held at St. James AME Church at New York and Arctic Avenues in Atlantic City. "Elected officials, as well as religious and community leaders will all be in attendance," Shabazz stated. The meeting will follow the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s observance which will begin at noon at St. James.

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