There is a big development in the race for Atlantic County Sheriff.

The Officers who know the Freshman Atlantic County Sheriff, Eric Scheffler the best, have instead formally endorsed his challenger, Joe “Tokyo” O’Donoghue.

Here is the official endorsement letter from The Fraternal Order of Police, Atlantic Lodge # 34.


This endorsement is not a “one off.” O’Donoghue has been piling-up law enforcement endorsements over Scheffler during this election campaign season.

A serious question must be asked and answered. Why have so many law enforcement organizations shunned Scheffler?

Here’s a list of O’Donoghue police endorsements as follows:

1) National “Protect our Police PAC”. They are a national organization that supports candidates who they believe will support and back “The Blue.” Joe O’Donoghue is the only candidate they endorsed in New Jersey.

2) The Cape Atlantic Conference of Police Benevolent Association’s. O’Donoghue received a unanimous endorsement. This organization represents every police agency with what’s known as “BOOTS ON THE GROUND.”


It should be noted that this includes the Atlantic city police and the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department, the two agencies that Scheffler has directly work for during his law-enforcement career. Both have rejected him in favor of O’Donoghue.

3) FOP Fraternal Order of Police Atlantic Lodge. They represent the rank and file of all corrections officers in Atlantic County.

4) The Brigantine Police Benevolent Association Local # 204 also individually voted to formally endorse O’Donoghue over Scheffler.

It is very unusual for a challenger to pile-up so many formal endorsements over an incumbent sheriff.

A serious question remains. Why?

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