A popular Atlantic County educator, Cara Bluth, has died of COVID-19 at the age of 45.

Bluth, of Ventnor, grew up in South Jersey and graduated of George Washington University. She was a vice principal at George Hess Educational Complex in Mays Landing.

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Bluth died last Saturday after a short battle with COVID-19, according to her obituary.

Cara spent ten years in the hotel industry in the Washington, DC area. After returning to South Jersey, she entered the field of education and earned her MA in Educational Administration from Stockton University.

Cara Bluth started her teaching career as a first grade teacher at Chelsea Heights Elementary School in Atlantic City.

In her obituary, she is remembered as a happy soul who loved her family and her students.

Cara made every room brighter just by entering it. From her soul, she exuded joy, laughter, and love. She loved celebrating with her family and friends, caring for all animals, gardening, and exploring our connections to each other through reiki, meditation, and more....Cara’s numerous friends and family members are devastated by her loss but are comforted by the many happy memories of Cara. You could not know her without recognizing the light and love she projected.

Cara is survived by her husband, Scott, and her two beloved pets, Leroy, an English bulldog, and Eli, a mischievous cat, according to her obituary.

 A celebration of her life will be held on June 20, the summer solstice, one of her favorite holidays and a fitting reflection of the joy and sunshine she brought into all of our lives.

Our condolences to Cara's family and her school family at the Hess School in Mays Landing.

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