United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ-2 has issued a blistering rebuke of United States President Joe Biden for his public remarks about the Kyle Rittenhouse jury verdict … as well as comments The President made about Rittenhouse before he was elected President.


Congressman Van Drew issued the following statement on President Biden commenting on Kyle Rittenhouse’s case before receiving any of the facts surrounding the incident.

“It is bad enough that we put a young man through so much scrutiny throughout his trial, but to have the President of the United States label him a “white supremacist” as part of his campaign for president is unbelievable,” said Congressman Van Drew.

“President Biden had no facts surrounding the incident when he made his outlandish remarks and has avoided redacting his claim. I realize he cannot stay awake during his own press conferences and has shown to the American people that he is an incompetent leader, but I had hoped that he was at least a gentleman with some compassion. These comments have proven that he is mean-spirited and misinformed by the way he blatantly mistreated Kyle Rittenhouse. For the President of this great nation to attack an innocent young man before he even went to trial is bad public policy and is certainly deserving of at least a censure. Our country prides itself on following the rule of law and deeming someone innocent before proven guilty, and President Biden using a young man’s trial for his own political gain tells the American people a lot about his lack of character,” said Van Drew.

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