This weekend, celebrate the diversity and culture of Atlantic City from the comfort of home as the 4th annual 48 Blocks Atlantic City goes live online Friday, Aug. 7, through Sunday.

48 Blocks Atlantic City is so named because the city is 48 blocks long.

Joyce Hagen, executive director of The Atlantic City Arts Foundation, said normally this event differs from an arts festival because it uses under-utilized parks to hold concerts and events so that people can learn more about the city. This year, it'll be on Zoom.

One of the events popular in recent years — the free jitney mural tour — won't return this year because of the pandemic. People on these tours learn not only about the murals around town but other aspects of Atlantic City life. Instead, there will be two virtual mural tours included in the online event. One uses a drone so people will be able to swish down Sovereign Avenue and see all of the murals created on just that one street. Another jitney tour is by bicycle.

Other online attractions include The Atlantic City Ballet's original production of "Dracula" as well as a performance by the Bay Atlantic Symphony.

People can learn how to juggle or how to make a memory doll that will hold one's memories of COVID-19.

Tina Notaro - Tina will teach viewers how to juggle during a LIVE segment. Photo Credit: 48 Blocks Atlantic City
Tina Notaro - Tina will teach viewers how to juggle during a LIVE segment. Photo Credit: 48 Blocks Atlantic City

Someone is doing a cooking series.

Individual artists will take people through their studios and show their work.

There are online drawing and painting segments as well as "Mad Libs for Adults" and "You Are Here! Postcards from AC," which is an online storytelling open mic. Five writers will host five-seven minute sessions to share fiction or non-fiction stories set in or inspired by Atlantic City.

The schedule is arranged in thematic blocks: yoga and meditative events in the morning, Saturday afternoon is geared toward the young and young-at-heart, Sunday afternoon features blocks of Atlantic City-themed segments and artist segments. Early evenings are geared toward happy-hour segments and evenings are relaxing events and theatrical productions.

More than 60 local artists and creatives will be presenting live or recorded events all weekend long for those who want to pop into discover new and exciting things Atlantic City has to offer.

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