There was a new study from Yale School of Medicine that came out stating that the effects of the pandemic have caused tremendous amounts of linger ring stress on most of us that mirror PTSD.

The study states that 26% of us will have the diagnosis and show symptoms of PTSD. That’s a staggering amount. In addition, the number of us who are on the fringe of being diagnosed with PTSD as a direct result of the pandemic is shocking.


The Yale study provides information on the diagnosis of PTSD, here’s what was stated:

The American Psychiatric Association defines PTSD as a disorder in which someone experiences “intense, disturbing thoughts and feelings” for long periods following a traumatic event. Such a diagnosis requires, in part, that the event involve “actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence” either directly; as a witness; or learning of a loved one’s serious injury, an encounter with sexual violence, or violent or accidental death.

The stress of the pandemic has affected relationships with a rise in domestic abuse. I’d like to introduce you to 180 Turning Lives Around here in New Jersey. I have I first worked with 180 Turning Lives Around many years ago helping raise needed funds for their Amanda’s Easel program which was designed to provide art therapy to those children affected by domestic violence. A terrific program that worked bringing calmness and help to those children who needed it desperately.

I was fascinated and impressed by all of their programs and services used in helping those victims and their children of domestic violence and sexual assault. 180 was started to empower those survivors and families affected by family violence and sexual assault to find the strength and courage to turn their lives around. 180 presents help to those with dignity and respect providing their victims with the privacy they need.

Now more than ever is the time to help 180 Turning Lives Around continue their work as domestic violence is on the rise. If you are a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault I strongly encourage you to reach out to 180. Their website is and their hotline is

Domestic Violence:
Sexual Violence:
2NDFLOOR Youth Call and Text Helpline:

You can help 180 Turning Lives Around by donating at Thank you 180 for making a difference.

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