In a Hurley in the Morning exclusive, we have learned and confirmed that Galloway Township has taken aggressive action to not suffer the same fate as Egg Harbor Township relative to Atlantic City homeless who have contracted the coronavirus.

Egg Harbor Township Mayor Paul Hodson recently got out maneuvered by Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small. Hence, he accepted a positive coronavirus case from Atlantic City to be relocated to Egg Harbor Township.

Galloway Township took pro-active measures (attached) and will not be accepting any of the Atlantic City cases.

Provided by Galloway Township elected official
Provided by Galloway Township elected official

As you can see by the attached County of Atlantic email that I have obtained a copy of; the same thing that happened to Egg Harbor Township was about to happen in Galloway Township.

The email lists two motels in Galloway Township where positive cases could be sent to.

The executive action taken by Galloway Township prevents this from taking place.

Here’s the email (dated yesterday) sent to the police chiefs of Pleasantville, Galloway Township, Somers Point and Absecon as follows:

From: Jones_Vincent <>
Date: April 16, 2020 at 6:03:15 PM EDT
To: "" <>, "James Laughlin (" <>, Michael Steinman <>, "" <>, Bob Somers <>
Cc: Fedorko_Michael <>
Subject: NJ 2-1-1 and the Homeless


As most of you are aware there has been some concern as to homeless individuals being placed into motel within your municipalities who may or may not be COVID-19 positive or who may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive.  

This afternoon a conference call was held with our County Administration, County Dept. of Family and Community Development, County Dept. of Health, Jewish Family Service and Atlanticare. Discussions centered around how to provide housing of insecure individuals in our County in order to ensure they have a safe place to isolate and/or quarantine, when needed. This is necessary to mitigate the spread of disease and to reduce the risk of a populations already at an elevated risk for COVID-19.

The current issue facing us is that there are State mandates now in place that direct the NJ 2-1-1 call center to serve as New Jersey’s Homeless Hotline to connect residents in need with shelter. NJ 2-1-1 will work in partnership with county agencies to ensure residents have a safe place to stay and get connected to resources. These services are handled by what’s known as the continuum of care through the County welfare Board. Attached is the flyer promoting NJ 2-1-1 as the NJ Homeless Hotline.

There are motels that are identified within the County and in particular in your jurisdictions that NJ 2-1-1 will place these individuals. Currently, a fax is sent to the motel with client information and billing information for them to submit an invoice to the County for payment through the County Welfare Agency or Board of Social Services. This is a State mandated process and not a County one. As for a true accounting of how many are in each motel that have been placed there by NJ 2-1-1 is unknown and as for their potential to be sick or have symptoms related to COVID-19 is unknown. We are working to try and facilitate a more streamlined communication approach to ensure that an individual placed in a motel is known to the county upon them receiving the request.  The Motels for your municipalities are listed below.

As for the Homeless or Individuals in need of social services that are managed through Jewish Family Services and Atlanticare they have a comprehensive plan and there are procedures and protocols in place that allow for case management and medical care of these persons. Individuals who may be symptomatic or have tested positive and are discharged from the hospital or referred to their agencies, They have a plan to ensure they can be isolated or quarantined and they are monitored.    

Please know that your concerns and questions pertaining to the Homeless are being addressed at both the County and State level and that we are doing everything we can to reduce the risk and the spread of the COVID-19 amongst this population.

Motels housing the Homeless through NJ 2-1-1

Egg Harbor Twp.: Economy Inn and the Hi-Ho Motel

Absecon: Travel Lodge and the Days Inn

Pleasantville: Homestead

Galloway Twp.: Howard Johnson and the Quality Inn & Suites

Somers Point: Senesta


Vincent Jones III, Chief of Staff
Atlantic County Department of Public Safety
Director, Office of Emergency Management
5033 English Creek Ave.
Egg Harbor Twp., N.J. 08234

I have spoken with former Galloway Township Mayor and current Councilman Tony Coppola who said, “The safety and security of our residents is our primary concern.”

Another former Mayor of Galloway Township, Don Purdy also put on a forceful defense, on-air on Hurley in the Morning,” today.

Purdy was also highly critical of Atlantic County government for their part in this scheme to transport cases from Atlantic City to various off shore towns.

It will be interesting to see if the remaining off shore cities follow in Galloway Township’s foot prints.

And, what will Egg Harbor Township now do after the fact?

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