In less than a week, America will have all three legislative branches of our federal government ruled by the Democratic Party. Drastic changes are likely to take place ensuring that their party stays in power with little chance for the opposition party to have a say or ever regain power.

Sound familiar? That's what we have in New Jersey and mostly likely will for a long time. Democrats have a majority in the Assembly, the Senate and the governorship.

The reasons for that here are simple. A large number of New Jersey citizens or their family members rely on the state for their livelihood and comfortable pension. The Democrats support a large bloated state government and the people who feed off of it. They get huge financial support from public unions and curry favor with the voters they've convinced that they can't live without the goodies the state gives them.

So, if you're connected to government here in some way, you're good. Your future is secure. If you're in the private sector and not connected, you're looking to get out or find a way to survive. Your voice doesn't matter. Your traditional values and fiscal conservative views on smaller, efficient government are vilified and you are mocked as the enemy.

Many New Jersey residents couldn't take it anymore and have fled. They've gone to states with lower taxes and better business climates. But what about when the United States becomes like New Jersey? Where do you go for more of a taste of freedom and liberty — Canada, South America, overseas? Nope. America was the last great hope on Earth and if the next two to four years go like many predict, there's nowhere else to go.

The reasons for the federal government going this way differs from why it's happened here.

The reasons it happened are not as easily explained as why it happened here in New Jersey. On the national level, it was mostly fueled by hatred and intolerance. Hatred of Donald Trump and anyone who voted for him and an intolerance to any point of view that differs with the "woke" orthodoxy of the current left wing of the country.

Many people who wished for this and voted for this have in fact voted against their own interests and the interests of the general wellbeing of the country. But it made them happy to see the other side lose.

Their happiness will be short lived when they come to the realization that they didn't just vote out a guy they thought was evil, but voted out a prosperity and freedom that many people from around the world struggled mightily to get here for.

When their tantrum is over and they have to live with the consequences of their actions, I hope they're happy with it. Someone deserves to be, but I'm afraid it will be a very few at the top and not many of us workers bees on either side.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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