Is Philadelphia still the City of Brotherly Love? Or, has it evolved into something else altogether?

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s philosophy of governance, policies and priorities have been disastrous by any objective examination.

Krasner was elected District Attorney in 2017, as the 26th DA in Philadelphia history.

Krasner campaigned and has governed directly from the mold of George Soros and he has been dangerously soft regarding violent crime.

Last year (2021), Philadelphia suffered a record 562 homicides.

Philadelphia is on pace to top this number in 2022, having already totaled 100 homicides, as of this past Friday, March 11, 2022.

The key officials (Mayor, Police Chief and DA) are starting to say some of the right things, however, their policies continue to deliver the same horrific results.

Philadelphia outpaced New York City in homicides last year 562 to 488.

The trend continues thus far this year for Philadelphia with 100 homicides in Philadelphia versus 67 for New York City.

Until their woke, broke policies were put into effect, Philadelphia never experienced more homicides then New York City, ever.

Chicago has also reached the 100 homicides mark for 2022. This is bad company for Philadelphia to be keeping.

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Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw shared the following comment on Twitter this past Friday.

“We are devastated that 100 people have been murdered this year. PPD will continue to utilize every resource we have to stem this tide of violence, and will not rest until we bring to justice those who seek to cause harm ... to our city and its people; it is our #1 priority,” wrote Outlaw.

Again, they say the right thing, but, refuse to address the root cause.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney joined-in with a good-sounding statement of his own, sharing that his administration “continues to work relentlessly to reduce violence.”

“The fact that our city has lost 100 souls already this year pains me to my core,” he said. “As mayor, my number one priority is to keep people safe and protect our residents. The surge in gun violence that we’ve seen across the nation — and here in Philadelphia — is heartbreaking, it’s maddening, and it makes me as outraged as everyone else.”

Yet, it was Mayor Kenney a few years ago who danced, sang and proudly boasted that “We’re a Sanctuary City.”

They’re all now saying some of the right things, however, they haven’t changed their feckless, soft-on-crime approach.

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