What a week of winning it has been for former New Jersey Assemblyman Vince Polistina.

It’s been an impressive beginning by any objective standard of measure.

First, Polistina cleared the field for New Jersey State Senate (on the Republican side) in record time.

Now, Polistina has received the formal endorsement of the very popular State Senator Chris Brown to succeed him.

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Here is the formal public statement confirming this coveted endorsement as follows:

“The families of Atlantic County will be in good hands with my former running mate, Vince Polistina, which is why I’m endorsing him for State Senate,” Brown said. “Vince Polistina is a proven leader who will fight to make New Jersey more affordable for our middle-class families and retirees and to safely re-open our local businesses, so we can put our families back to work,” said Brown.

“Chris Brown led the successful fight to defeat North Jersey casinos, to ensure women have access to healthcare, to help veterans find affordable housing, and to give those in recovery a second chance.  He leaves behind a legacy of standing up for Atlantic County that I plan to continue as your Senator,” Polistina said. “Chris Brown’s lifetime of service to our country and community is truly remarkable. I am honored to have his support, and I wish the entire Brown family the best as they begin their new chapter, knowing Chris will always be a champion for Atlantic County families,” said Polistina.

The Brown endorsement solidifies Polistina’s path to the Republican Nomination for the New Jersey State Senate in District 2.

This is a truly iconic seat held by local legends such as Frank S. Hap Farley, Bill Gormley, Steve Perskie, Jim Whelan, James J. Sonny McCullough, and Chris Brown.

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