Following countless reports of shaking and loud booms across South Jersey Friday afternoon, we now know what may have caused all of the ruckus.

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Around 2 PM, social media, Facebook in particular, began to light up with reports of houses shaking and doors slamming. Lots of people thought maybe we had experienced an earthquake.

Officially, no -- it was not an earthquake.

The U.S. Geological Survey did not have any record of any earthquakes anywhere near the Garden State Friday.

Tomislav Zivkovic

So what was it?

For the answer, we turn to the ocean. And the military.

Patrick Gordon from the Public Affairs Office at Naval Air Station Patuxent in Maryland said an aircraft in the Atlantic Test Track that went supersonic probably accounts for the loud boom that was heard along the east coast.

The "test track" is a strip of airspace off of the coast that parallels the Delmarva Peninsula. Certain atmospheric conditions could make it possible for sound from sonic booms to travel, even great distances.

And, yes, those sonic booms can shake and rattle things in your house.

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