It’s awesome that Sylvester Stallone was in Atlantic City yesterday at the Hard Rock Casino. I’m a huge fan and it would always be tempting to key-in on him.

The story that I’m going to share with you is about a different Stallone. Frank Stallone, Sylvester’s younger brother. They are 4 years apart in age … 76 and 72 years old, but, both are fit and look much younger than their age.

It’s a classic case of biological age and chronological age.

Yesterday was a great day for entertainment in Somers Point and Atlantic City.

Both locations involved John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, who performed back-to-back.

We attended the Somers Point performance. It was outstanding. They’ve still got it, big time.

Don Hurley
Don P. Hurley
Don Hurley
Don P. Hurley

The moment they finished in Somers Point, they were whisked away to the Hard Rock Casino to perform with Sylvester, who served as Master of Ceremonies/Announcer and Frank Stallone, who possesses excellent vocal chops.

Sylvester watched proudly over his brother from the wings (just off stage) for the entire show at Hard Rock Casino.

Before they left, John Cafferty told everyone in attendance at the Somers Point concert about Sylvester Stallone calling him a few weeks ago and asking if they would appear with Frank at the Hard Rock Casino.

This necessitated starting the Somers Point concert about 30 minutes earlier than had been previously scheduled. Everyone cooperated beautifully and everything went off without a hitch.

Here’s the story that few know about. To add some real life drama to the situation. It was about 5 hours before showtime last night and Frank Stallone suffered a spontaneous nasal hemorrhage.

Frank Stallone was rushed to an ear, nose & throat specialist in Northfield, who was able to perform a procedure and Frank was able to perform a physically active show.

The Doctor attended the show and was acknowledged by Frank during the show.

Here’s exactly how Frank Stallone addressed the issue to the crowd at Hard Rock Casino about the situation:

“This Atlantic City show at Hard Rock Casino was so important to me. I’ve never punked out of a show. Never cancelled one in my career. So I had to find a way to do this one. Dr. (He said the name) from Northfield treated me 5 hours before showtime for the hemorrhage in my nose, and, here we are,” said Frank Stallone.

The crowd erupted in approval.

This is the epitome of the expression, “The show must go on.”

Don P. Hurley
Don P. Hurley

Stallone is a legit singer and here are five of the songs that he performed last night, along with the recognizable movies that they were featured in.


All of this happened in Somers Point and Atlantic City on just Friday of the extended Labor Day holiday weekend.

Here’s a Fun Fact that few may be aware of.

Frank is the real fighter in the family. While Sylvester is famously known as the heavy weight boxing champion of the world in the Rocky movie franchise … Frank Stallone actually was a real boxer, who fought in organized boxing matches.

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