There is no civility left in our society and literally, everything is hyper-political. It’s such a shame. It’s also very destructive.

The Fox News Channel ‘All American Christmas Tree’ was literally burned to the ground by an arsonist and even this criminal event has drawn vicious and unnecessary comments.

You would think that an incident like this would bring everyone - regardless of political affiliation - together.

Introducing Steven Colbert, a very unfunny, so-called comedian from CBS News.

Also, because of horrific New York City laws, the criminal suspect who is charged with the crime of arson and other criminal offenses is not currently in prison. He was released without even having to post bail.

Also not lost in all of this, is more of the national media coverage.

For example, The New York Times' original headline read, "Fox News Christmas Tree Catches Fire in Manhattan."

The headline is incredible. It’s as if the Christmas Tree caught fire all by itself. By spontaneous combustion or something like that.

Why didn’t the New York Times blame a person? This is just like the various media reports of a  “Red Ford Van” being responsible for the Christmas Parade murders and the more than 60 others injured in a domestic terrorism attack.

This New York Times headline was so preposterous, that they did eventually change it.

Or, how about how they report that guns commit crimes and not people.

They simply refuse to blame the criminals.

Here is a photo of The Fox News All American Christmas Tree taken by my good friend, Fox News Contributor Brad Blakeman prior to the arson attack.

Fox News All American Christmas Tree - Photo by Brad Blakeman
Fox News All American Christmas Tree           Photo by Brad Blakeman

Here’s some good news. A brand new, fully decorated Fox News All American Christmas Tree is slated to be completed and in place by later today.

The tree light lighting ceremony will take place tonight during “The Five.”

As a nation, we must get past the current destructive pattern of making absolutely everything political. This includes a deadly COVID-19 pandemic; which has also been recklessly politicized to the maximum by partisans.

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