We could have the perfect nutrition plan, detailed workout program, and the best of intentions, but guess what?  We need to actually DO IT, for it to work.   It is not a lack of information, but a lack of the right mindset, according to Nicole Simonin, weight-loss expert and owner of Shape It Up With Nicole - "helping women over 40 lose weight for the last time." Nicole talks about the psychology of eating and the reasons behind our eating habits. She helps women analyze their "why" and their thoughts behind the decisions they make.

Nicole Simonin, Shape It Up With Nicole

NICOLE SIMONIN is an ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Health Coach, TEDx Speaker, host of “Shape It Up Over 40” podcast, author of “The No Fuss, No Mess Shape It Up Cookbook” founder of Shape It Up, LLC, licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and former professional ballet dancer. Nicole has been featured in Racheal Ray in Season, Bicycling Magazine, Real Simple, and MSN. Since 2006, Nicole has been helping women lose weight for the last time.