I have been a big fan of the state and federal COVID-19 stimulus money that has been generously made available during the pandemic. Both for individuals and businesses.

People were genuinely hurting. Many still are. Care and compassion are required in unprecedented times such as America has experienced over the past more than 13 months.

However, we have now reached the point whereby many businesses ... who are desperately looking for workers ... can’t fill open positions.

The reason? The state unemployment ($ 700 per-week), coupled with the additional $300 federal subsidy is encouraging many Americans to stay unemployed.

Yes, there will be future tax implications to deal with for those who have not had the taxes deducted.

The reality at this time is that a significant number of people are choosing not to work, because they’re making as much or more money by staying at home.

Here’s a perfect case in point. A McDonald’s restaurant in Tampa, Florida has had to resort to offering $ 50 bonuses just to sit for a job interview.

The Caspers Company which owns the McDonald’s says the $ 50 offer hasn’t helped much. Instead, when they can get people to work, they’re paying them more than $ 11.00 per-hour and giving them signing and retention bonuses.

Depending on your age, think back to the various entry level jobs that you had during your younger days.

It’s America. We’ve always been expected to work. Hard work and rugged individualism is what built this country.

We’re presently losing our way as a nation.

Wrongly, this pandemic has been misused to try and transform our great nation into something we’re not supposed to be.

Numerous states and cities are planning to implement “guaranteed income.”

They are going to send money to able bodied people who should be earning a paycheck.

This kind of socialism has ultimately destroyed every nation who has implemented this depressing scheme.

I worked very hard at McDonald’s when I was 14 through 15 years old. I was happy to have the job. No $ 50 interview bonus came with the job, either.

If you worked at least four hours, you received a cheeseburger, small french fries and a small beverage for lunch or dinner. That was your bonus for working hard.

I’m very concerned by the federal government’s desire to just give money  away, with no effort required to earn it.

They’re purposely “baking-in” the expectation that “free” money is just going to keep flowing right in to your bank account.

During a crisis, extraordinary measures were necessary. However, this is not a sustainable philosophy of governance.

The late great British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said it best. “The problem with Socialism is that you run out of other people’s money.”

Unless this insatiable appetite is suppressed, we are on an unstoppable collusion course with ruination.

SOURCES: Fox 5 New York and Harry Hurley opinion editorial comments.

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