Following a deadly accident on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township Monday morning, it's time for some changes at English Creek Avenue.

What happened Monday morning was awful -- according to police, a driver failed to stop for a red light and he not only plowed into another vehicle but he also killed a pedestrian that was crossing the road.

Tuesday morning while driving to work, almost exactly 24 hours after that accident, I was at that intersection and it was as if nothing tragic had happened there the day before.

As I was heading eastbound on the Pike, the light turned red and I stopped (a lot of people don't). When the light turned green for one side of English Creek Avenue, I saw an older man briskly jogging across the Pike in the crosswalk. When the light changed for traffic on the other side of English Creek to go, I saw a woman and a young child (maybe 4 or 5-years-old) almost running across that same crosswalk -- and, honestly, I kinda held my breath until they made it up onto the grass. If someone turning from English Creek onto the Pike wasn't paying attention, they never would have seen those people crossing the road. And then once the light turned green for traffic on the Pike, one guy in the turn lane didn't turn -- he passed everyone on the right and sharply cut over into traffic by the NJ Transit bus shelter in front of the gas station (more on that in a moment).

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And this was what I saw in just one cycle of the traffic light.

Are we that numb that someone getting killed doesn't even phase us anymore? It doesn't even make us drive safely for one day or just for a couple of hours?

So at this point, I have to ask this: where are EHT's elected officials? The mayor? Members of township council? Where is the police chief on this? Anyone from county government? Hello??

Surely someone who's been elected to serve the people of Egg Harbor Township would realize that the intersection of the Black Horse Pike and English Creek Avenue -- one of the busiest in the township -- has no crosswalk signals.

To make matters worse, there are New Jersey Transit bus stops on either side of that intersection, so people naturally will cross there.

At a bare minimum, crosswalk signals with either no turn on red signs and/or lights that stayed red while people were in the crosswalk would at least slow traffic down a bit. You would at least be reducing the risk of another tragedy even by just a little.

And I don't want to hear the "that's a state highway and we can't do anything about it" line. I'm sorry, but when I see that, that tells me you aren't trying hard enough.

So, who in EHT is going to step up and work with the NJDOT on making this intersection better?

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