Hamilton Township Police had a curfew violator on their hands Tuesday night. His name is Yogi and he is a cow from the Funny Farm Animal Rescue in Mays Landing.

According to a Facebook post by Funny Farm Rescue, Laurie from the Rescue got a call a little after 10PM Tuesday from Hamilton Township Police to tell her Yogi the cow had broken loose and was out on the road.

“I just went to bed at 10pm and my phone rings. I thought, “how odd.”

I could see a car sitting outside my bedroom window and my phone says, “Hamilton Township Police”.

I answered and the officer said, “Your cow is out on Railroad Blvd and I’m sorry, but it���s past curfew.”

With that, I chuckled and said, “Ok, I’ll go get him.”

In the Facebook post, which is titled "Yogi's Midnight Stroll," Laurie thanks Officer Kristi Ware from the Hamilton Township Police Department for seeing the cow and making sure he med it safely home.

Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary describes themselves as a 15-acre privately owned farm in Mays Landing that has sheltered and cared for more than 550 unwanted, sick, elderly, injured, and abused animals since 2000.

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