CAMDEN — The Camden County Prosecutor's Office is investigating a video that shows three County Police officers punching a man in the head on the street.

In video aired by NBC Philadelphia, officers are seen repeatedly punching Edward Minguela in the head as he lay on his stomach on the sidewalk on Collings Avenue, after being brought down from behind by one of the officers.

One of the officers can be seen punching the 32-year-old Camden man 10 times in succession.

Minguela was mistaken by officers for a man with a similar description that had a gun in the area last Thursday evening, Camden County spokesman Dan Keashan told NBC Philly. Keashen said the video was "highly disturbing," and that the police department has serious concerns about it.

Minguela told NBC he did not resist and did nothing wrong.

Keashan and the Prosecutor's Office have not yet returned messages left by Townsquare Media.

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