Craig Callaway has retained legal counsel and is preparing a legal removal maneuver whereby, if he’s successful, the goal is to take Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and his wife LaQuetta Small to federal court.

The Small’s have previously filed legal action action Callaway, alleging that he has slandered them.

Small is represented by the noted criminal defense attorney Ed Jacobs.

Callaway is being represented by The Lento Law Group.

Callaway’s motion addresses the issue of The Small’s  slander allegation and whether their charges should be heard in federal court.

Attorney Daniel Weininger is representing Craig Callaway.

“Mr. Callaway is seeking to defend himself in New Jersey federal court so that he can assert his constitutional rights to free speech under the first amendment the biggest hurdle to a slander claim is this case is that the plaintiffs must prove the statement was uttered with actual malice Mr. Callaway looks forward to mounting a forceful defense in this case brought by these two New Jersey public officials,” (Marty and LaQuetta Small) said Weininger.

Here is The Lento Law Group press release:


SOURCE: The Lento Law Group Press Release

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