We broke the news back on May 19, 2020 that Barry Caldwell, then Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools would be retiring on July 1, 2021.

Caldwell provided exeptional advanced notice, more than a year’s worth. He promised to do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition.

At the time, Caldwell told us that he intends "to work his, (well ... you know what ...) off," said Caldwell. "I will do anything for the district through my last second of my last day," said Caldwell.

Caldwell delivered on this promise.

Here is a copy of Caldwell’s resignation letter:

Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.

We have now been advised by multiple sources within the Atlantic City Public Schools system, that Caldwell is poised to return to the district he once led as the Acting Director of Operations.

A retiree, such as Caldwell has to wait a required period of time before he is eligible to return to the school district.  in any employment capacity. Caldwell has met the required amount of time away from the district.

Our sources have advised that the salary will be the equivalent of $ 165,000 per-year.

Here is the posting and job description for the position:

Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.

At the time, then Atlantic City Board of Education President John Devlin told us that “We would like to thank Barry for his years of service, and wish him the best in retirement," said Devlin.

Caldwell said further, "I will do everything that I can to ensure the smoothest transition possible," said Caldwell.

"After next year, I will miss working with our great team of supportive and certified staff and our focus always centers around the 7,000 students within our district, said Caldwell.

Further, Caldwell shared with us that "soon it will be the time for the next generation of educational leadership to takeover the reigns of public education in Atlantic City, said Caldwell."

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The agenda for the December, 2022 Atlantic City Board of a Education meeting has not yet been sent out to Board Members and made available to the public.

However, as we file this report, it appears that the current plan is to place an agenda item for board consideration, for Caldwell to be hired as Acting Director of Operations for the Atlantic City public school system.

We reached out to Devlin to comment in his capacity as a Board of Education Member, who said:

“I haven’t received my agenda for December’s meeting; however this is a continuation of behavior by the Small Administration’s (both Marty and La’Quetta) is very disturbing.”

”Sadly I’m sure that a current employee of the district, or, a very qualified administrator from outside the district could have done a excellent job and at the same time save the tax payer a great deal of money,” said Devlin.

Developing. We will follow-up when a decision is formalized by the Atlantic City Board of Education.

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