In a breaking news exclusive, “Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed that the Hamilton Township (Atlantic County) Committee has followed the path recently taken by the Galloway Township Council.

The Hamilton Township Committee has now taken formal action to block short-term motel rentals to prevent Atlantic County government from sending the Atlantic City homeless to Hamilton Township.

Well placed/confidential sources in Hamilton Township have exclusively confirmed to me that one Atlantic City homeless person, who has tested positive for the Coronavirus was checked into a Hamilton Township motel this past Sunday, April 19, 2020.

I am not revealing the name of the Hamilton Township motel at this time.

Additionally, a few weeks ago, there was a Facebook social media thread/conversation between Atlantic County Freeholder Amy Gatto and a new motel owner in Hamilton Township that could have been part of the genesis of this situation.

Photos Provided By Hamilton Township Source
Photos Provided By Hamilton Township Source

Gatto is a former Mayor of Hamilton Township.

The motel owner introduced himself as new to Mays Landing and one of the new owners of a motel on the Black Horse Pike in Hamilton Township.


A number of key Hamilton Township stakeholders have expressed concern and dissatisfaction with Gatto for her potential role in pursuing Atlantic County government financed motel rentals for this purpose in Hamilton Township.

In the social media conversation, the motel owner is specifically talking about Atlantic County’s desire to rent motel rooms and his wanting to receive Atlantic County clients.

Note: I am not revealing the name of the motel owner or the name of the property at this time. I am sharing the social media conversation between Gatto and the motel owner, with the previously mentioned redactions.

The harsh reality is that Atlantic County government is doing this to transplant Atlantic City homeless to different municipalities across Atlantic County.

This has become universally unpopular throughout the County. And, one-by-one, cities and townships are taking action to block this from taking place in their communities.

We have also previously confirmed that the State of New Jersey is presently reviewing this unpopular strategy to move the homeless out of Atlantic City to other communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Multiple sources have confirmed to me that the state may look to find a motel in Atlantic City to house the homeless and abandon this out of town relocation scheme.

Note: Yesterday we confirmed that dozens of Atlantic City homeless have been transplanted to Absecon by Atlantic County government.

This resulted in 22 police service calls in the first three (3) days.

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