For several years now my family and I have been using a smart thermostat. Our smart thermostat is convenient to use, and saves us money.

We can control our thermostat from our smart phones at any time. This comes in handy often, especially with the variations of the current weather. Most recently we went on a family vacation, during the preparation chaos, my wife and I forgot to adjust the thermostat. Without our smart thermostat we would have wasted money and energy the entire time we were away. Luckily, with our smart phones, we were able to quickly adjust the temperature of our home.

Now is a great time to consider going green with a smart thermostat. My friends at Ambient Comfort are offering $100 off through April 30. (CLICK HERE to see the coupon.) It is a great way to give you more control!  You are not only conserving energy, but saving yourself some money too.  Schedule an appointment today at or by calling (856) 213-6586.