Atlantic County is opening their COVID-19 testing in the parking lot of Hamilton Mall. It's open to the public, but you might not be allowed to be tested.

The drive-thru testing site will be open this coming week on Tuesday and Thursday, but that doesn't mean you'll be allowed to be tested for the coronavirus.

There are rules, and in order to be tested, you must comply, or you'll be turned away.

Here are six reasons you could be turned away:

1. You don't have any symptoms of Covid-19.

- You must have symptoms consistent with what has been announced.

2. You don't have a prescription.

- You must have with you a written prescription from your health care provider.

3. You didn't per-register for the test.

- You need to complete the per-registration and schedule the time of your test. That can be done here. Make sure to fill out everything completely.

4. You don't live in Atlantic County.

- the testing at Hamilton Mall is only for Atlantic County residents. Those are the rules. Not from Atlantic County? Contact your home county's health department.

5. You're not in a car.

- You must be inside a car. You can't walk up to the testing area or show up on a bicycle or motorcycle. If you don't drive, have someone drive you.

6. You don't have proper identification.

- According to the health department, "The person who is being tested must provide a drivers’ license or viable personal identification and a clear-to-see printed version of a medical prescription at the arrival checkpoint."

-Yes, children can be tested, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with proper identification.

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