Fortunately, no one was injured because of Steve Young’s self-indulgent protest, yesterday.

This is largely because of the discipline and skill exhibited by the Atlantic City Police Department.

However, Young did succeed in devastating the local economy on America’s Independence Day.

There was a significant difference between Friday and Saturday level business in Atlantic City.

Even with the significant competitive disadvantages by customers not being able to “eat, drink or smoke” inside ... Friday, July 3, 2020 was a pretty strong day in Atlantic City.

Saturday, July 4th would typically be the busiest day of the year in Atlantic City.

That was not the case this year. Sure, the pandemic, massive restrictions and limits placed upon the casinos were onerous and created an overwhelming operating problem for operators.

Beyond the pandemic, Steve Young (arguably) cost the Atlantic City economy more than $10,000,000 on just Saturday, July 4th alone.

Young may have cost just the casinos more than $ 10,000,000. Add to that, all of the other local hotels, motels, business and industry.

They all got buzz sawed by Young's repeated threats to “shutdown Atlantic City on July 4th.”

There can be no doubt that this caused many people to stay away from Atlantic City because of Young’s direct threats and intimidation.

You can’t blame anyone who stayed away from somewhere that they considered to be potentially unsafe.

This is exactly the atmosphere that Young succeeded in creating.

As Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small furthers the process of removing Young from the city planning board and citizens advisory committee, what also needs to be throughly reviewed is the overall economic damage that Young directly caused.

Atlantic City was the victim of much advanced negative publicity in the run-up to Young’s misguided protest.

While it’s true, that the size of the Young protest (no more than 50 people) was a total bust ... The advanced negative publicity and overall concerns caused irreparable harm.

What’s not taken into account in my analysis is the hangover effect that it will have on today’s business (Sunday, July 5, 2020).

It only stands to reason that if you stayed away from Atlantic City on Saturday, it most likely affected your Sunday, July 5, 2020 plans.

The Atlantic City Casinos and all local businesses desperately needed the strongest 4th of July weekend possible under the already devastating, pandemic conditions.

Further, I’m also quite sure that Ventnor, Margate and Brigantine were also directly affected by Young's circus stunt.

Young must be held to account by the fullest extent of the law.

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