Our American way of life is currently operating in a very dangerous environment.

Some lives are being reported to matter more than others.

If you say “all lives matter,” you’re instantly labeled a racist.

A major national tire company actually put in place a policy in the workplace where “Black Lives” mattered, but, “Blue Lives” didn’t.

The public appropriately denounced this policy and the company quickly retreated from their blatantly biased workplace environment.

Today, I’m asking for you to keep all police officers and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

The Atlantic City Police Department is right now dealing with a heartfelt tragedy. The specifics will be made public very shortly.

It’s not for me to report the details at this time.

ADDENDUM # 1: Since I filed my column, The Atlantic City Police Department released this statement:


Addendum # 2

Atlantic City Police public release
Atlantic City Police public release

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They need it. Now more than ever.

The vocation of police officer has become the loneliest and most thankless job in America.

Police Officers are being literally and violently, physically attacked each and every day.

Violent criminals (they’re not now and never were protestors) in major cities all over America are attacking police officers with deadly force.

Remember when Police Officers were considered to be heroes, role models and pillars in the community?

Well, they still are!

What’s in place now is a radical, political agenda ... to twist the truth and reality ... in order to try and win an election.

These bad political actors don’t care who they hurt or get killed.

They simply want to win in the worst way.

Blue Lives Matter. They always have. They always will. Don’t let anyone get away with telling you otherwise.

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