Cops are asking for your help as they investigate an armed bank robbery that happened in Voorhees late Monday morning.

Acting Camden County Prosecutor Jill Mayer and Voorhees Police Chief Louis Bordi say officers responded to Fulton Bank on Haddonfield-Berlin Rd., at the busy intersection with Evesham and Somerdale Roads, at around 11AM Monday for the report of an armed bank robbery.

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According to reports, the teller told police a man entered the bank armed with a handgun and went into the vault area. Detectives said the man left the bank with a large amount of cash from the vault.

Surveillance photos show the man wearing black and white New Balance sneakers, black pants with two thin, white stripes down the sides, a black camo hoodie, and a tan backpack.

Fulton Bank on Haddonfield-Berlin Road in Voorhees NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Fulton Bank on Haddonfield-Berlin Road in Voorhees NJ - Photo: Google Maps

If anyone recognizes the man in the photos or if you have information that could help identify him, please contact the Camden County Prosecutor's Office at (856) 650-6398 or Voorhees Police at (856) 627-5858. You can also send a confidential tip to

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